FAMILY SUPPORT AND VISITING LOVED ONES

                                                                                DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC


                                                                                                                                                                                                    July 23, 2020


On July 16, 2020, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Alberta announced changes to visitation in long term care and other senior care environments. The Foundation has carefully and thoughtfully reviewed the changes in the CMO’s Directive and developed processes in order to increase visitation for our residents’ well-being.  We have conducted interviews with residents, families and staff to help guide us in setting up guidelines by balancing COVID-19 risk factors and quality of life for residents. 


We ask your patience and understanding as we work to manage this sensitive balance. The following are the practices that will come into effect July 23, 2020.




Each resident can have up to 2 designated adults for indoor visitation. A list of these designated individuals will be maintained by the screening officers at the main entrance of the Care Centre.




  1. A mask must be worn at all times while in the Care Centre.  This will be provided by the Care Centre.  Cloth masks are not to be worn by visitors.

  2. Hand hygiene must be performed upon entry to the Care Centre and throughout a visit.

  3. All visitors will participate in a health screening prior to entry into the Care Centre. Anyone with symptoms will not be allowed into the Care Centre.

  4. Social distancing of 2m/6ft must be maintained at all times.




  • All visits will be scheduled.  It is imperative that we limit the number of people on site at any one time to mitigate COVID-19 risks.  By scheduling visits we also can ensure residents are well prepared to receive visitors.

  • No outside food will be allowed for the time being.  

  • All visits must occur in resident rooms only.  A risk assessment has been conducted at the Care Centre and this assessment indicated that this would be the safest practice.

  • Visitors are to only use public washrooms. 

  • All visitors will need to complete a questionnaire prior to leaving the Care Centre.  This questionnaire is to be given to the screener upon departure from the site.


To book a visitation time please contract Joanna at through email at or by phone at 780-429-0888 ext 226.


As you can appreciate, this is a significant change to the practices that have been in place since the pandemic was declared.  COVID-19 is still with us and will be for some time to come.  There are other Care Centres in Edmonton that are managing COVID-19 outbreaks and we do not want to be one of those Care Centres.  It is up to all of us to make sure we are following the safe practices at all times in order to keep everyone safe.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Truman Severson

Executive Direction, Chinatown Multi-Level Care Foundation







2020年7月16日,艾伯塔省首席醫療官(CMO),Dr.Deena Hinshaw,宣布對長期護理院和其他長者護理機構的探訪條例進行更新。根據首席醫療官的變更指令,基金會經過仔細考慮並據此製定了此流程,以增加探訪對院友帶來的福祉。我們對院友,家人和工作人員進行了咨詢,並以此為依據制定了行為準則,以平衡新冠病毒的風險和院友的生活質量。


我們正致力于在當下的敏感時期中取得的平衡,請您耐心和諒解。 以下是將於2020年7月23日生效的做法。





每個院友最多可以指定兩位成年人進行戶內探訪。 這些指定人員的名單將由護理中心正門的審查員保存。





  1. 在護理中心時,必須戴上口罩。 口罩將由護理中心提供。 訪客不可佩戴布口罩。

  2. 進入護理中心訪問期間必須進行手部清潔。

  3. 所有訪客在進入本中心前都要進行健康檢查。有任何症狀都不允許進入護理中心。

  4. 探訪期間內必須保持2m / 6ft的社交距離。



3. 護理中心工作人員如何管理探訪


  • 所有探訪都需提前預約安排。 我們必須對中心內的人數進行限制以減輕新冠病毒的風險。對已安排的探訪,我們也會確保該院友做好接待訪客的準備。

  • 暫時不允許外來食物。

  • 所有探訪都只能在院友房間內進行。 護理中心進行了風險評估,評估表明這是最安全的做法。

  • 訪客只能使用公共衛生間。

  • 所有訪客都需要在離開本中心之前完成一份問卷調查。 該調查表應在離開前提供給審查員。




如您所知,這是自宣布疫情以來的一次重大變化。 新冠肺炎仍在我們身邊,並將持續一段時間。 埃德蒙頓已有部分護理中心正在經歷新冠肺炎的暴發,我們不希望成為其中的一員。戰勝此疫情,有賴我們各人的通力合作,以保全每個人的安全。




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