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Last updated: September 18, 2020

We have received all results of the second COVID-19 tests on ECCC residents and we are happy to advise that all tests have been negative. We have also been advised that at present, no staff members have tested positive as part of their second test. What this means is that even though we had a staff member and a student test positive, this has NOT resulted in any spread of COVID-19 within the building. We have been advised by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Health that if these results continue, we will no longer be considered on outbreak on September 23.


On Tuesday of this week, Alberta Health Services also completed audits of our site looking closely at our practices. The audit results were very good and we received some additional advice on further improving our pandemic plan and management. We are very grateful for the support AHS has provided over these past two weeks.


I also want to acknowledge the great work of the ECCC leadership team and staff. Their commitment to following all the precautions has been key in terms of our being able to continue to have no active cases of COVID-19 in the Care Centre. They have been remarkably calm through this whole event and have demonstrated their commitment to the residents by coming to work each day and working safely.


Truman Severson, Executive Director

Chinatown Multi-Level Care Foundation

9 月 18 日更新。


本中心已收到第二次新冠肺炎的檢測結果、我們很高興地告知所有住客的檢測都呈陰性。到目前為止沒有工作人員在第二次檢測中呈陽性。這意味著即使我們有一名工作人員和一名護理學生檢測呈陽性、並沒有導致新冠肺炎在本中心内有任何散播跡象。亞省衛生服務部門和亞省衛生局告知我們、如這些檢測結果繼續下去呈陰性, 我們將在9月23日解除疫區之列。


本週二 、 亞省衛生服務部門也完成了對本中心的密切關注、及跟進我們的做法和審查。審查結果非常滿意、我們收到了關於可進一步改進我們對疫倩的管理、及一些建議。我們非常感謝亞省衛生服務部門在過去兩周内提供的支援。


我還要感謝本中心的領導班子和工作人員的辛勤工作。他們遵守所有預防措施、這一點對我們能夠使護理中心沒有新冠肺炎的活躍病例是關鍵原因。員工們對整個事件都非常冷靜、每天也準時上班及安全地工作, 顯示了他們對住客的承諾。







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