Our Leadership Team

We are humble, and grateful to have the opportunity to serve the seniors in our community. We strive to provide quality senior care, through collaboration between different departments and in partnership with resident's families.


Our leadership team is composed of dedicated personnel from different disciplines including Administration, Nursing and Care Services, and Supportive Services.

We are here to serve you.

Executive Director

Truman Severson

Email: tseverson@edmccc.net

Site Leader

Kelly Kontek, RN

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 222

Email: kkontek@edmccc.net


Clinical Lead (2nd floor)

Thabith Nzuzu, RN

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 272

Email: tnzuzu@edmccc.net

Clinical Lead (3rd floor)

Eva Hart, RN, BScN, GNC

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 290

Email: ehart@edmccc.net

Operations Consultant

Joanne Dusterbeck

Email: joanne@contentconsulting.ca


Manager, Finance & IT

Benny Tam, CPA, CA

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 237

Email: btam@edmccc.net

Nurse Educator

Keely Quilley, LPN

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 226

Email: kquilley@edmccc.net

Recreation Manager,

Roopjit Mann, RecT

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 248

Email: rmann@edmccc.net

Human Resources Manager,

Tara Lyon, B.Mgmt

Tel: 780.429.0888 extension 223

Email: tlyon@edmccc.net