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Outdoor visitation process

Outdoor Visitation process at Edmonton Chinatown Care Centre


  • Families or friends of residents may book outdoor visits starting Tuesday, June 1st. We can accommodate up to 5 visitors during an outdoor visit. Visitors from the same household are not required to maintain social distancing. 

  • A designated family/support person is not required to be present for outdoor visits. 

  • Outdoor visits will be on the balcony of your loved one’s floor. 

  • Outdoor visits are weather permitting.

  • Visitors must book their visitation 24 hours ahead except for the weekends; all weekend visits need to be booked by Friday 2:00 pm.

  • We can accommodate three visits per day for each floor. 

  • The signup link for 2nd-floor outdoor visits is

  • The signup link for 3rd floor outdoor visits is

  • When booking, please follow the instructions on top of the booking sheet. 

  • After the booking is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from This confirmation message may go to your junk mailbox. 

  • Visitors must arrive at the scheduled time. So we can control the traffic at the front door and assist with PPE and escorting you to the designated floor. 

  • If a family requires more than 5 visitors, we will be open to allowing visits on the main floor (Sunroom exterior) to accommodate a larger family group. In that case, please send me an email for booking.


Visitor IPC protocol and responsibilities during visitation:


  • Visitors will undergo Active Health Assessment Screening and temperature check at entry and self-check for symptoms throughout the visit.

  • Visitors will be given a new mask upon arrival.

  • Visitors will be escorted directly to the resident’s floor balcony by security.

  • Staff will then bring the resident out for a visit.

  • Visitors to remain outdoors during their visit. Security will provide visitors a phone number to call after their visit. 

  • The process for visitor Doffing PPE:

    • Security will direct visitors to doff their PPE at the front entrance;

  1. Perform hand hygiene

  2. Remove your face mask and discard 

  3. Perform hand hygiene

  • Notify ECCC of any symptoms that arise within 14 days of visiting with a resident.

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